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Challenge No 4: A safe Region

In a smart city, the growing number of sensors contributes towards taking the pulse of the city. This is the case with the images gathered by CCTV cameras, among other things.

Video cameras are a crucial link in the chain of prevention, security and emergency services. However, their use can be expanded to include traffic management or the coordination of large-scale events.

Pooling CCTV

With, the BRIC advocates putting in place a platform to share CCTV images while abiding by the legal requirements in this area. By pooling video images in this way, they can be used to fulfil the missions of everyone who benefits from having a view from a distance over public areas, the key being substantial economies of scale.

Our indicator:

We will measure the growth of the number of:

  • cameras integrated in the shared platform and hope to reach approximately 2,900 cameras by 2018;
  • Brussels governments and agencies that make use of the shared platform. We target a dozen users, such as the police zones, SIAMU/DBDMH, Brussels Mobility, STIB/MIVB and the Port of Brussels.

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