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Our Success Stories

Françoise Père

Alderman in charge of Education, Municipal Administration of Forest
From now on, enrol your child in school online - in IRISbox!

Easy, fast, traceable registration requests and secure operation: with IRISbox, everything is clear and simple for everyone!

Pierre Pardon

Secretary of the public social assistance centre of Watermael-Boitsfort
The future is connected for the public social assistance centre of Watermael-Boitsfort

There’s no substitute for a good master plan, and the BRIC was there at the right time to offer us its expertise for consistent long-term IT management.

Jamil Araoud

Director General, Brussels-Prevention & Security (BPS)
Strategic partnership with Brussels-Prevention & Security

BPS and the BRIC joined forces from the outset in a strategic partnership to offer a wide range of solutions and applications such as the deployment of a videoprotection pooling and sharing solution, the digitalisation of processing procedures between local authorities and the police services and many other projects currently being developed. The aims are to facilitate the action taken by the security services in order to guarantee the safety of all citizens while respecting rights and freedoms, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the various services and improve public access and information.

Over the next few years, this strategic partnership is sure to be strengthened in fields as varied as increasing awareness of IT security, data preservation and public networks and infrastructures.

Marc Loewenstein

Alderman in charge of IT, Municipal Administration of Forest
An action that benefits everyone in Forest

The IT department in the commune of Forest decided to work more closely with the BRIC a number of years ago. IT now enables us to improve the quality of our internal services, which ultimately has a positive impact for the general public!

Géraldine Noël

Zone Secretary
BOS: serving the 5342 police zone

BOS facilitates reporting and the implementation of the services' workflow. Things now move more quickly and there is also an ecological gain when communicating the agendas of the Police College and Board, as well as sending decisions to the trusteeship. This tool also allows easy storage of the archives and efficient file searches. Finally, it is not complicated to use because it is very intuitive!

Technical support is efficient, and our requests are processed quickly. The service benefits from significant improvements, thanks in particular to the feedback from users themselves through the Users Clubs!

The platform really does meet the expectations of the police zone.

Pierre Genot

Director of the Foyer du Sud/Zuiderhaard
The Foyer du Sud/Zuiderhaard does its shopping on the internet with the e-Catalogue

Thanks to the e-Catalogue, we enjoy a fast, simple and secure shopping experience. There is a wide range of equipment, and the brands offered allow us to meet all our needs. Deliveries are guaranteed and delivery times are short.

The great advantage of this solution is that it also makes it possible to avoid writing complex specifications. Prices were negotiated upstream on the basis of larger purchasing volumes than ours. We are therefore making substantial savings thanks to the public contracts awarded by the BRIC and benefit from excellent conditions, since purchases are billed at cost!

St. Van der Cruyssen and P. Genot, directors

Vincent De Bie

Head of the IT Department at the SLRB/BGHM
At the SLRB/BGHM, cutting-edge expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of the terrain

Over the years, staff at the BRIC have developed cutting-edge expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of the terrain, which proves to be very useful: Brussels institutions thus benefit from the significant added value of an IT service "operating" in a regional environment!

The BRIC and the SLRB/BGHM have been working together closely for several years. Currently, the SLRB/BGHM is benefiting from the recognised expertise of the BRIC to achieve its ambitious objectives in terms of computerisation and a "paperless" environment.