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UrbIS applications & services

Interactive cartographic applications to be downloaded & cartographic tools without downloading


UrbIS applications is the name of a set of applications to manage professional data in the UrbIS®© repository.

UrbIS Online

UrbIS Online is a tool for discovering the UrbIS mapping services. It allows you to view the UrbIS background map and search for an address.
You can also display UrbIS (or other) data on the background map via web services, using the "Add Layers" widget. It is then possible to query these layers to view their attributes.
You can either select the web services from the drop-down menu, or insert the URL of the web service of your choice in the field provided.

The tool is compatible with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard web services, and covers the entire Brussels-Capital Region.


With UrbIS you can create, display and process your geographic data in a collaborative online environment simply and efficiently. You connect to the service through internet and, depending on your profile, you access a number of professional MIS applications, without having to worry about costly hardware or installing specialised software.

UrbIS can be easily incorporated into any IT environment. Your data remain accessible at all times, wherever you are.

Among other functions, UrbIS enables you to create, adapt and analyse geospatial data, surveys (including trees and signs) or other data (such as floods).

Based on an evaluation of your specific geospatial data needs, the BRIC offers you a very affordable, totally personalised WEB MIS service as soon as possible, tailored to your needs, without functions you don’t require.


Some UrbIS data are accessible via web services that meet the international standards of the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).

Some technical knowledge is required to integrate a web service into your web applications and set the parameters correctly.
Need help with this or interested in finding out more? Contact us!


Like the Brussels Institute for Statistics or Brussels, a sustainable city, the UrbIS WMS (Web Map Service) can be used to produce interactive maps, for instance by superimposing elements on UrbIS cartographic data as a basemap.
It is based on a standard Open Geospatial Consortium protocol and can be used by most current webgis solutions, both commercial and free.

 Standard OGC

WMS 1.1.1 - WMS 1.3.0

Technical description

URL WebService

The GetCapabilities accepts a language setting (language=fre, dut or eng), making it easier to use in tools such as ArcGIS, QGIS, etc.

Preview UrbIS WMS


The UrbIS WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) can be used to produce tiled georeferenced maps from a data server on the network.

While the WMS can be used for complex requests requiring a certain calculation capacity from the server, the WMTS focuses on the performance and only enables requests for pre-calculated images (tiles). They both support several coordinate systems and display formats (png, gif, pdf, kml and others).

We recommend that you use the WMTS to integrate the UrbIs basemap into your online maps. This service guarantees you better performances than the WMS!

 Standard OGC

WMTS 1.0.0

 Technical description

URL WebService

Preview UrbIS WMTS



The UrbIS WFS (Web Feature Service) can be used, by means of a formatted URL, to integrate cartographic data dynamically (lines, polygon points, etc.) and to view points of interest, for instance: schools, metro stations, hospitals, etc. (layer name: URB_M_ZIPOINT )

The UrbIS WFS supports several coordinates systems and the data can be obtained in various formats (GML, GeoJSON, etc.).

 Standard OGC

WFS 1.0.0 - WFS 1.1.0

 Technical description

URL WebService

Some technical knowledge is required to use the WFS in your applications. Need help with this? Contact us!

Geolocation services

You can use geolocation services  to find points of interest on a map, locate an address or find it using the official code or coordinates.
The services can be deployed in various ways:

If you wish to use the services directly in your web pages, without integrating them into an SOA architecture, this type of interface is recommended. A call then simply involves sending a 'GET' request with the right parameters and processing the response returned in the json format.

The services support jsonp, which means, among other things, that cross-domain problems can be avoided.

Instructions for use can be downloaded here.

Some technical knowledge is required to use this service. Need help with this? Contact us!

UrbIS services terms and conditions of use

The UrbIS®© services are regularly updated to include new functionalities and extend their scope of use. Send your contact details to be kept informed of the adjustments made.

Limitation of liability

The data presented via the UrbIS®© services do not have any legal value and are provided for information purposes only. The BRIC may not be held liable for any damage caused by use which may exceed the informative context of the data, or for any improper use or incorrect interpretation of the data and services.

Info & contact

The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!