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The regional CCTV platform integrates the various video camera networks existing in the Brussels-Capital Region to enable the sharing of images for the benefit of the parties concerned (police zones, public transport, Brussels Mobility, Port of Brussels, etc.), in strict compliance with the laws on privacy and the use of surveillance cameras.

The platform thus favours a homogenisation of the technologies used as well as a real coherence of urban management, to the benefit of an optimal coordination of actions on the ground, real-time monitoring of incidents as well as the prevention and repression of delinquency and terrorism.

The platform also collects data from the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras for police requirements, route controls and coverage of the low-emission zone (LEZ) as well as drone images which are provided to the federal police for the benefit of the regional security stakeholders (police districts, SIAMU, Brussels Mobility...).

Faithful to its duty of public interest, the BRIC thus offers, through CCTV, an expertise that directly benefits public institutions in their security mission and, ultimately, the citizens of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The regional CCTV platform is one of the BRIC’s collaboration projects with Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS), the regional body in charge of managing prevention and security policy in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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