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When should you use Fidus

1. The data exchange has not yet been set up

The data exchange must be performed through Fidus when the data

  • are registered in an authentic source or are personal data and
  • come from or are to be sent to a Brussels institution.

A Brussels institution should be understood to mean “all personalised, decentralised services, public establishments, public enterprises, bodies and legal entities incorporated under public law, which have been created by or depend on the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the intermunicipal companies in the Brussels-Capital Region”. The municipalities are included in this scope.
For the other institutions, when a regulation requires you to go through another services integrator, the data must be exchanged via this body. Otherwise, they can be (but do not have to be) exchanged through Fidus.
These provisions are summarised in the diagram below:

Are they authentic data? If not, are they personal data? If not, then Fidus is not necessary. If they are authentic or personal data, then ask yourself the following questions: does it concern a flow from/to a Brussels institution? If so, Fidus is obligatory. If not, Fidus might be an option unless there is another integrator you should use.

2. The data exchange existed before Fidus was set up

When the data exchange is not yet undertaken through a service provided by Fidus, the pre-existing data exchange can continue as such. Otherwise, unless an exception is made pursuant to a law or an order, the data exchange must be effected through Fidus. The government can suspend this obligation for a maximum period of five years as of the data of the designation of the authentic source containing the data in question.

Is the flow available in Fidus? If not, the data are temporarily exchanged outside of Fidus. Does it concern a legal exception?  If so, the data are exchanged outside of Fidus. Is there a suspension from the GBR? If so, the data are temporarily exchanged outside of Fidus. If not, Fidus is obligatory.

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