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How to access electronic invoicing (E-invoicing)

In addition to the legal obligation to manage the electronic exchange of data between administrations, Fidus also serves as an integrator in the field of electronic invoicing. From 1 November 2020, only invoices in electronic format will be accepted for all public contracts awarded by the administrations and public organisations of the Brussels Region, as indicated on
Companies can therefore send an invoice to Peppol via their access points and the message will arrive on the Mercurius platform (federal level). The public authorities can then retrieve it via their regional integrator.

Please note that it is also possible for companies that do not yet have an AP (Access Point) to submit their invoicing documents directly to the Mercurius platform.

If your administration is not yet registered with Fidus and Mercurius, please send a registration request to Fidus. Fidus will also take care of your administration with Mercurius.
If you wish to receive the invoice data via web service and integrate them in your back-end (accounting program, ERP, etc.) please provide your details so that a certificate can be produced (in French): création de CSR - Certificat client. Otherwise please provide an email address to which invoices will be sent.

If your administration is already registered with Fidus (it is already using its services in another context), request simple access to electronic invoicing and simply specify whether your back-end is ready to use Fidus' web services or whether you wish to receive invoices via email (if the latter, please specify which email address).

You can decide at any time to replace email invoicing via the web services.

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