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Filling in the form

The starting point for any request for access to Fidus in order to obtain data from authentic sources, whether they are regional or not, is to fill in the access request form. This contains some basic information:

  • identification of your organisation and its point of contact,
  • identification of the contact person for the trade or profession (this may be the same person),
  • finally, as appropriate,
    • either identification of the existing services necessary to meet your needs in terms of the trade or profession,
    • or a brief description of your needs.

In practical terms, this is the procedure to follow:

  1. make sure you have your electronic identity card and your PIN code,
  2. fill in the form to request access to Fidus which can be found on Irisbox (the same form in Dutch),
  3. in the section entitled ‘Specificities’, if you are certain which service you need, you can select it from the drop-down list; otherwise, select ‘Other’ from the drop-down list and describe what you need using terms specific to the trade or profession. For example, ‘obtain the list of self-employed people who work in the territory of the Brussels Region’, without necessarily specifying where this information may come from,
  4. please also give the required date on which each service should come into operation,
  5. submit the form by clicking on the ‘Send’ button.

Please fill in a form for each service required. On the basis of this completed form, one of our agents will contact you and a feasibility study will be set up.

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The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!