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Brussels Supervisory Commission

The Brussels Supervisory Commission is a body established at the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region in the context of the order of 8 May 2014. Its mission is as follows:

  • to formulate opinions and recommendations on all issues relating to the application of the basic principles of the protection of privacy and in particular the decrees designating authentic sources in the Brussels region and orders establishing a database produced from authentic sources,
  • to monitor the electronic data exchanges of authentic sources and databases from authentic sources,
  • to monitor the processing and exchange of images (surveillance cameras) in the context of the pooling of regional services,
  • to grant authorisations for the electronic communication of personal data,
  • to deal with complaints about a user suspected of infringing the conditions of the authorisation he has received,
  • to monitor fulfilment of the obligations of the aforementioned order by the integrator, Fidus, and users; it has the authority to investigate in this respect; it can also suspend an authorisation or even interrupt the exchange of data.

The Brussels Supervisory Commission issues its opinions and recommendations within 60 days of the request.

To submit your authorisation request, please fill in this form (French - Dutch) and send it to, possibly putting in Cc.

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