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Translation service
The administrative documents you need to translate often contain recurring or similar sentences and terms. The Trados (FR-NL) translation program recommended by the BRIC and many professional translators saves you time here.

Trados creates a translation memory made up of segments containing sentences and terms. Each new translation adds to this memory, which can be shared with translators who use the program. The terms and segments from earlier translations can be retrieved and the program highlights those segments that have never been translated, often offering various translation options. You no longer need to spend time with styles and layouts.

This collaborative tool helps save your organisation or administration a lot of time, while giving you peace of mind, because the terms and segments in the translation memory cannot be used to reconstitute a message. So you protect the confidentiality of your original text.

Trados 2019 can be used with various programs (including Microsoft Office, Adobe and LibreOffice).

Info & contact

The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!