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Management and follow-up of hospital claims
The digital SInCrHo platform supports the management and follow-up of accounts receivable for Brussels hospitals within the scope of health costs paid by the CPAS.

Use of this professional platform, which speeds up the processing of information shared between the various health partners: CPAS, hospitals and doctors. Among other advantages SInCrHo helps reduce the outstanding amounts payable by CPAS to the hospitals, process invoices electronically and create greater transparency in the management of accounts receivable of beneficiaries of CPAS assistance.
By adopting SInCrHo at your hospital or CPAS branch, you will greatly simplify your administration tasks and efficiently respond to the challenges you face on a daily basis.

SInCrHo contributes to the management and follow-up of some 200,000 invoices submitted to the CPAS by the hospitals every year. It is accessed on a daily basis by 85 users at public hospitals in the Brussels-Capital Region (Saint-Pierre, Bordet, Brugmann, HIS, HUDERF) and by 150 CPAS employees (Anderlecht, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Forest, Ixelles, Jette, Molenbeek, Schaerbeek, Watermael-Boisfort and Saint-Gilles).

To improve your knowledge and enrich your platform, the BRIC offers SInCrHo trainings.

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