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The Nova solution

When you adopt Nova in your organisation or administration you benefit from multiple advantages:

  • with Nova, the optimisation of internal application management leads to more efficient processing, faster issue procedures and so improved services to citizens;
  • Nova helps generate an overview of an application in its entirety by involving all parties concerned in a transparent way, as part of a collaborative approach;
  • in the event of a new application release the BRIC provides you with a validation environment, distinct from the production environment, where you can run simulations, tests and exercises;
  • Nova can be accessed from any computer, at any time, while assuring the confidentiality of the data;
  • the BRIC offers trainings and workshops to new users and local administrators. The administrations active on the platform also get together regularly in users clubs. Lastly, steering committees are held every year so that every member of the Nova community can contribute to the development of the platform.

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