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The IRISbox platform

IRISbox provides access to some 250 interactive forms replacing traditional paper forms or a visit to a regional or communal administration. IRISbox issues some 25,000 documents every year.

The advantages of IRISbox

Among other things, IRISbox’s user-friendly interface gives citizens and businesses a viable alternative to time-consuming procedures and visits. Your data are transmitted in encrypted form (https) to ensure they are totally secure.

By using IRISbox in your administration or institution, you offer online services on a tried and tested foundation powered by secure technologies, you take advantage of simple and effective access rights management through eID, you have efficient, intelligent tools like the toolbox to design new electronic forms.

When you choose IRISbox you can also be confident of the complete traceability of exchanges and the possibility of access rights restricted to certain persons or employee categories to support, for example, the exchange of documents with certain Brussels bodies.

Last but not least, by adopting IRISbox you gain access to the user trainings offered by the BRIC.

Question, problems? The IRISline helpdesk offers you specialised multilingual assistance.

The IRISbox modules


This module enables citizens to request documents.


This module enables administrations to deal with requests from citizens and companies.

IDM (Identity Data Manager)

This module supports the identity management functions on applications hosted at the BRIC.
It covers:

  • identification and access by means of the electronic ID card;
  • definition of access rights to certain applications depending on an assigned role;
  • distribution or delegation of the access rights, definition of the roles and responsibilities of a person at an organisation.


IRISbox in practice

Infos & contact

The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!