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Publications platform
The Editoria platform can be used to circulate publications from any local, regional body or community institution: reports, budgets, regulations, surveys, forms, etc.

A system of public valves with a search engine is made available to enable the general public to consult these publications, while consultation rights have to be granted for restricted access to other documents (for elected representatives or municipal officials, for example).

The Editoria platform has numerous advantages: simple, efficient interface, extensive downloading space provided for user organisations and autonomous management of publications by these organisations.

With the integration of BOS-Editoria, documents generated in BOS can be sent from BOS to Editoria. BOS is a secure Internet platform designed for the electronic management of the deliberative processes of the Administrations (Chancellery, municipal authorities, public social assistance centres, police zones, etc.).

To date, nine communes en two CPAS in the Brussels-Capital Region, the BRPS (Brussels Regional Public Service), the BRIC, the Regional Parliament, the  COCOM (Common Community Commission) and the COCOF (Commission of the French-speaking community in Brussels) use Editoria. Would you like to find out more? Contact us!

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