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Regional messaging
The regional eMail service is a complete collaborative solution comprising a platform to share emails, digital calendars and address books, with its own filtering system (antispam and antivirus).

When you choose the BRIC’s eMail services, you get several advantages: you can organise your calendars at department, institution or Region level. You also manage confidentiality at three levels: availability, meeting details and meeting management. You have access to an extensive contact list for the whole Region.

Through the regional eMail service you can also read and manage your emails, contacts and calendars any time, any place and on any device. Your confidential data will be optimally protected, with availability assured even in the event of an incident, as data is duplicated on another server.

By choosing the regional message service you benefit from email moderation, which allows you to approve any email before circulation. This service is especially useful for managing an info@-type mailbox or to check emails using all@-type lists. You can also benefit from full or partial shared email management with a third person, without the need to share your password. The owner of the inbox keeps all exchanges.

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