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Electronic management of executive diaries
The Chancellery platform supports the management of the agenda of an executive in all its complexity: high number of participants, volume of information for processing, adaptations at any moment (such as cancellations, reports, removals from and additions to the agenda).

The Chancellery service is a personalised solution for the safekeeping of the constituent parts of registered projects (such as government memorandums and the opinion of the inspector of public finances), creation of the points to be submitted and their approval, publication of official documents in PDF and access to official documents (minutes, notes, annexes) saved since 1999.

The application runs in a completely secure environment and workflow, ensuring the confidentiality of the data and the information that passes through the platform.

Chancellery is used by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, the joint boards of the COCOF (French Community Commission) and the COCOM (Common Community Commission).

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