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The BOS solution

When you choose BOS, you get a range of advantages:

  • BOS, a structuring tool: all information is input in a shared model for the whole administration, which automatically deletes duplicates. BOS also enables automated document creation from data in an electronic record. Record processing times are significantly reduced because every agent in the decision chain is authorised to rectify any missing or incorrect information.
  • BOS, the memory of the administration: any record, comment or decision relating to a project can be traced quickly and easily, such as information on the processing of projects and project steps.
  • BOS, an extensive digital flow: in a meeting the information is presented through a web interface that filters and integrates the results of votes.
  • BOS, a substantial saving: BOS helps large administrations to cut paper consumption by around a million sheets per year.
  • BOS, personalised support: the BOS implementation comes with one month’s onsite support, including training and a response to specific requests, the invitation to join the BOS Users Club for all active platform partners.

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