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The BRIC at the 2016 ‘Smart Cities’ Conference in Paris (Les Echos)

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Mr. Hervé Feuillien

The BRIC, represented by its Director-General, Mr Hervé Feuillien, attended the 2016 ‘Smart Cities’ Conference organised by the financial daily Les Echos in Paris, on 29 June.
Business leaders, experts, start-ups and representatives of French and international regions who are actively involved in the creation of Smart Cities spoke at this event.

Closing the conference, Mr Feuillien used his speech to highlight a number of Smart City fundamentals.
The previous debates focused on the emergence of countless lasting urban innovations (mobility tomorrow, energy efficiency of connected cities, Open Data). However, these have to be integrated into an overall strategic plan as a matter of priority, backed up by the pillars that are essential to every Smart City: a reliable fibre-optic network, a data centre and a pooling policy to bring various public stakeholders together on joint platforms. This has been the BRIC’s strategic vision for many years.

Moral of the story: there is no point wasting energy on hot-air projects and other technological gadgets! A Smart City needs to be designed along sustainable and intelligent lines, starting with the basic prerequisites: ‘broadband network – data centre – pooling’.