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World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on 15 July: on this occasion, acadeMIX-ers from BRIC tell why training is so important

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Guillaume Rigaux, a graduate in IT management, was looking for somewhere to bridge the gap between the end of his studies and the beginning of his professional career. AcadeMIX* proved to be the ideal solution!

Aurore Namur, who has a master's degree in mathematics, realised during her studies that programming really was her cup of tea! She was selected for the AcadeMIX* programme and can now further develop her skills in this area!

Flashback 2019

Why did you decide to apply for the AcadeMIX programme?

Guillaume : Because the AcadeMIX programme offered support, follow-up and training before I took my first steps in the "real" world of business, and acted as a bridge. I was looking for a first job where I wouldn't feel like I was being dropped directly into a team. I knew that my personal and professional training lacked that little something concrete in relation to the business world.

Aurore : I discovered programming while studying maths; I wanted to train in ICT subjects because it is a field that appeals to me. The AcadeMIX programme allowed me to do this.

What did you expect from this programme?

Guillaume : Support and transition before joining the team, an explanation of and introduction to the technologies and tools used.

Aurore : I wanted to learn different programming languages, such as Java, discover different software, work in a team, etc., while discovering the professional world.

Have your expectations been met? In what way(s)?

Guillaume : Yes, we were able to receive very targeted support, which allowed us to join our teams and projects in a much more relaxed way.

Aurore : Absolutely. I learned a lot by being immersed in a real situation, I had contacts inside and outside my team. I built relationships and felt more and more comfortable.

In retrospect, what do you think of this training?

 Guillaume : It was a successful and positive experience from start to finish.

Aurore : I'm very glad I did it.

If you could do it again, would you participate in AcadeMIX? Would you recommend that people participate?

Guillaume : I would definitely go through this programme again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a transitional step before getting a first job.

Aurore : 100% yes. I would recommend it to all young people interested in this field.

Here and now

What elements of the programme do you use in your current job?

Guillaume : Docker, Jira, Git, IntelliJ, Angular, tests ... I have already used all the theoretical and organisational knowledge of the BRIC. Secondly, all the knowledge we have been taught about the tools used by the BRIC. During AcadeMIX, we acquired the first levels of knowledge and we enhanced them day by day.

Aurore : Jira, Angular, Java, but also the knowledge I gained about teamwork, etc.

How is this information useful to you?

Guillaume : Since we have only been taught concrete tools that are used on a daily basis, they are part of our work environment.

Aurore : We were taught tools that we use in our daily lives and were allowed to practise them regularly. I have now become familiar with these tools and I am more and more comfortable using them.

How should young people be trained? Importance of education?

How does this programme differ from a university/higher education course?

Guillaume : It is focused on the practical aspects, we were in contact with real (working) professionals on a daily basis, we used concrete technologies and tools with an explanation of why and how to use them. It is similar to an internship where you are acting as a professional, with the responsibilities that come with that.

Aurore : AcadeMIX has immersed me in corporate life. The rules are different than at university. The interaction is different. AcadeMIX training is directly related to my daily work.

Why do you think it is important to train young people?

Guillaume : I think the training is beneficial for those who are looking for it, but I don't think it's useful for everyone. Some people are looking for this support more than others and I think that giving people the possibility to choose if they want to experience this training or not is also beneficial. The problem with studies is that they are too far removed from reality.

Aurore : I think that to be able to do your job well, you need to be trained.

And, in your opinion, what is the best way to train young people?

Guillaume : With concrete, realistic projects even if they are ambitious, take them out of their comfort zone, give them all the tools they need like when they are in a team. Teamwork was definitely missing from my school education. Also learning by doing.

Aurore : There are two ways to learn: theory, which is good, and practice, which is even better.  The implementation of what we have learned makes us more and more comfortable in our work.

Do you want to add anything?

Guillaume / Aurore : Nothing to add 😊


* In 2019, the BRIC launched Java  AcadeMIX, a career booster for #Java/Web Junior developers! This traineeship is a mix of training, coaching by experts, certifications and practice. Its purpose? To give the opportunity to young graduates to build a career as future experts in a caring environment.