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"Women in Digital": talent has no gender

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The FPS Economy is responsible for drafting the national and inter-sectoral "Women in Digital 2021-2026" strategy and, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary working group (of which the BRIC is a member for the Brussels-Capital Region), for the monthly monitoring, for five years, of the strategy for the promotion of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)/ICT at all levels of power. In this context, the FPS Economy has produced five videos whose aim is to inspire women and girls to pursue a career in the digital sector and raise awareness of the fact that "talent has no gender".

"Women in Digital" is the inter-federal and inter-sectoral plan adopted by all the governments in the Kingdom. It is part of "Commitment on Women in Digital", a declaration that Belgium signed in 2019 and that marks our country's interest in advocating for the promotion of women in the digital sector (STEM/ICT) at European level. 

Five testimonial videos have been produced by the FPS Economy, which oversees Belgium's participation in the Plan, to promote the creation of new female images and role models and encourage girls and women to choose these fields of study for a career in the digital sector.

The videos are available via the following links:
- NL:  
- FR: 

The "Women in Digital" collective comprises around fifty organisations, at both the federal and the regional level (Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders), as well as various associations (Interface3, etc.). For the Brussels-Capital Region, the BRIC collaborated with Women in Tech (, Innoviris and others to feed into the plan and the Brussels contribution.