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In 2020, nearly one million devices connected to, the free Wi-Fi network of the Brussels Region. It allows Brussels residents, commuters and tourists to surf the net for free anywhere in Brussels.

The highest number of connections are in the City of Brussels, and it is in this municipality that the busiest metro stations are located. Then come the municipalities of Saint-Josse and Berchem-Saint-Agathe. The most popular access points are the Arts-Loi, Gare du Midi, Rogier and De Brouckère metro stations.

A total of 221 places enjoy the network, with a total of 867 hotspots. STIB metro stations all have free access to the network. At the same time, new access sites will appear in several Brussels municipalities. There are two additional accesses in the Scheut and Rossini community centres in Anderlecht, four new sites in Evere, the Germinal, Platon and Picardie community centres, and one site at the Brussels Mill and Food Museum.

The platform migration was completed in November 2019, further improving the user experience. Since then, there have been 659,711 connections to the portal, including 459,963 in 2020, with a total of 254,401 unique users. Between 4 November 2019 and 31 December 2020, users carried out 62,800,006 actions on the network: consulting web pages, downloading videos, music, downloading emails, etc.

Some of the equipment will be replaced in 2021 to maintain the network and upgrade it to the new wireless standard, wifi 6, which will allow faster surfing speeds and improve network coverage.

" is one of the cornerstones of a SmartCity Region, allowing everyone, whether Brussels residents or visitors, to surf the net for free. Because a Smart Region is a Region that uses digital technology for the benefit of its citizens. And today, nobody can manage without the internet," concludes Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister for Digital Transition.

To surf with on a smartphone, tablet or computer, simply create a free account. The device will then immediately recognise the network and connect automatically.

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