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WePulse, a new name for the Local Government Digital Transformation Programme (IPL)

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The Local Government Digital Transformation Programme (IPL) has adopted a new identity to reflect the desire to accelerate the digital transformation of the municipalities and public social welfare centres of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Launched last March and set to run until 2025, the WePulse programme is helping to digitise local public services and aims to significantly improve the quality of their services to businesses and citizens by offering personalised monitoring.

To this end, WePulse will provide municipalities and public social welfare centres with a common software base, hosted on a centralised platform within the regional Data Centre, as well as a shared tool for transversal management of the relationship with users.

In addition to financial management (accounting, revenue/taxes), human resources management and social files, WePulse also covers the management of the relationship between users (citizens, companies and partners) and local authorities.

The region has made more than €60 million available to support this initiative and has appointed the BRIC, in partnership with Brussels Local Authorities, to ensure its operational management. The objectives are far-reaching and served by an inclusive and collaborative dynamic that involves every local authority in the decisions taken: online procedures, facilitated and accelerated management of case files, efficiency of IT costs, reduction of the administrative burden, etc.

"WePulse is emblematic of the BRIC's mission. The aim is to pool investments, skills, infrastructures, feedback and contractual frameworks in an inclusive, integrated and global approach for the benefit of all. In addition to economies of scale, the WePulse programme restores a balanced relationship with suppliers, through a results obligation and improved standards of service." Nicolas LOCOGE, Director-General of the BRIC

So far, 18 municipalities and 17 public social welfare centres have joined the WePulse programme. The first substantive results are expected soon, notably in the following areas: accelerating the digitisation of the management process when changing address and digitising business processes for human resources management.