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Virtual UrbIS Users Club on 10 June: the video link and the documents presented

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A virtual UrbIS Users Club took place on Thursday 10 June from 9.30am to 12pm.

You were not available on this occasion? Here is the link that will allow you to watch this Users Club.


  • 9.30am: Introduction
  • 9.40am: BIM in the City - ways to exploit BIM-GIS integration

The European ITEA3 BIMy project evaluates the possibilities of deep BIM-GIS integration; in doing so, several areas of operation have been defined. Olivier Biot, Senior Project Manager at Sirris, illustrated a vision of such integration in the near future and present some relevant results for urban actors and the building sector: automated integration of the urban context into a BIM project, circular economy, digital building permit, etc.

  • 10.10am: Brussels Smart City

Céline Vanderborght, Smart City Manager for the Brussels-Capital Region, presented the latest developments in the Brussels Smart City. Firstly, we took stock of the structural progress made this year with the implementation of two important pillars: a Data strategy and digital governance, validated by the Government, on the one hand, and the broader integration of citizen participation and an ambitious digital appropriation plan, on the other. We then discussed the flagship projects for 2021, namely large-scale mobility projects including the analysis and management of people flows, the use of virtual reality in urban development projects, connected objects, energy communities and the premises for a Digital Twin for our Region.

  • 10.40am: Break
  • 10.50am: U_Address working to support Best Address

The implementation of a GIS mapping tool has proved indispensable within the framework of the Uccle Housing Observatory. Since 2016, several projects have highlighted the need for and relevance of working with databases when searching for and managing vacant and unfit buildings within the municipality. Mr Thierry Moriau, Architect and Head of the Urban Renovation Department, has already made a presentation on this subject at a previous Users Club. It was clear that these projects were dealing with the problem of addressing buildings; there were many errors and interpretations of a simple address in many official data sources. So how do we get these sources to communicate with each other? In 2018, a large project was initiated in the field to cover the entire territory. The primary objective was to update the Uccle address book as fully as possible. This is how U_Address was created at the beginning of 2021, as the little brother of Urbis_Address, working to support BestAddress. Mr Moriau showed the progress of this work at the municipal level, which feeds into the regional level and makes it possible to gather a range of information on the actual situation of the buildings.

  • 11.20am: UrbIS news

Various speakers from the BRIC presented the latest UrbIS news, in particular the new contract for flights and the status of mobile mapping, the adaptation of the UrbIS model, the application of the cadastre, the progression of updates, the status of Best Address integration into UrbIS, the road reference system, etc.

The documents presented