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Further success for the Users Club UrbIS 08/06/17

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The UrbIS User Club events always provide an opportunity to tackle many current issues in cartography and the programme for the last Users Club was no exception!

Ms Nadia Poncelet (IS Engineer, SIAMU – fire and emergency medical service of the Brussels-Capital Region) opened by speaking about cartography at the SIAMU: she described the most recent cartographic developments implemented to improve the emergency services’ analysis and intervention capacities.

Mr Julien Bacq (Chief Retail & Development Officer, Atrium Brussels) then analysed a concrete project to show how dynamic cartography has been used as a tool to present Brussels abroad, how virtual reality has been integrated to reinforce the impact and how this development is the first stage in a new regional city marketing mechanism.

After a well-earned break, Mr Vincent Marion (Geomatic Designer, STIB - Brussels public transport company) also described the efforts made by the STIB to keep customers better informed.

Finally, various speakers from the BRIC presented UrbIS news, in particular the establishment of the Best Address register, cadastralisation, the integration of deliverables from the 2016 flight, the 2017 flight and the deliverables status and schedule, the development of the distribution schedule, progress with 3D in terms of distribution and circulation, etc.

UrbIS Users Club: the documents presented

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