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Users Club UrbIS, 06/06/19: confirm your participation

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The programme for the next UrbIS Users Club, which will take place on 6 June 2019 at the BRIC, has been confirmed.

It will kick off with the presentation by Mrs Claire Lodor (Attaché at Brussels Mobility), who will talk about the E-Sign application for managing permanent signage. Launched by Brussels Mobility in January 2019, this IT tool, which is shared by the region and its municipalities, makes it possible to manage data from "permanent signage" as well as data from supplementary regulations.

This will be followed by a presentation of the project on land topography, mobile mapping and indoor mapping, which was the subject of a BRIC contract awarded earlier this year.
Staff from the BRIC will present the deliverables and assess the current prototype. Representatives from the service provider will also be present to outline the technical solutions that will be implemented.

Alexandra Dubuisson (BIM Manager at Assar Architects) and Nizar Bredan (Architect at Assar Architects) will then speak about the theme "The evolution of urban design with 3D, BIM and GIS". This will cover the impact of parallel developments in 3D, BIM and GIS on the design of smart cities.

Gaël Kruwialis (Brussels Environment) will then briefly present the activities and missions of the non-governmental organisation OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial), which was founded in 2006 to support and build an open source software offering in geomatics.

True to tradition, this Users Club UrbIS will conclude with the latest UrbIS news, including flight 2019 and the status of deliverables, application of the cadastre, adaptation of the UrbIS model, the evolution of the update, the new specifications for future flights and the evolution of the building and address registers.

Given the limited number of available places, don't hesitate to confirm your participation!