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User Club UrbIS – 14/06/18

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User Club UrbIS


The FLEXPUB research project

FLEXPUB, a research project funded by BELSPO, aims to draw up a strategy for the development by the federal administrations of flexible and innovative e-services.
The new Flexpub strategic vision was presented interactively, offering participants the opportunity to give their opinion of the action points suggested.

A 3D physical model to debate the future of the site of the Anderlecht abattoirs

In order to make the space, the functions and the current and future activities of the site clearer, Forum Abattoir has had a model built based on an HD photograph provided by the BRIC cartography service. The buildings have been printed in 3D and are detachable. This model, presented by mission leader Ms Cataline Sénéchal, is therefore mobile and is used in workshops and during walks intended for a wide-ranging public: local people, site workers, students and adults following training courses.
Forum Abattoir is a partnership between the independent association Inter-environnement Bruxelles which aims to improve the quality of life in Brussels, the Centre de rénovation urbaine (urban renovation centre) and the limited company Abattoir SA/NV, created in order to lead a public debate on the future of the site of the Anderlecht abattoirs, which is currently constantly changing.

the 3D physical model to debate the future of the site of the Anderlecht abattoirs

The solar energy potential in the Brussels-Capital Region

Mr Grégory Neubourg, Solar Energy Analyst, presented a project rolled out in Brussels to make use of UrbIS 3D building data to determine the solar energy potential in Brussels.
Since 1991, the APERe, an independent association for the promotion of renewable energy, has been assisting citizens and regions aiming for greater energy autonomy that is sustainable, mutually supportive and environmentally friendly.

Namur 3D, the continuation… and no doubt not the conclusion

The Urban Planning Office is carrying on with its mission at the service of the people of Namur who would like a better understanding of the territorial issues, projects and urban development initiatives in favour of more sustainable urban co-construction. It has a 3D model of the municipal territory which offers scores of advantages and opens up new prospects, particularly in the context of public surveys or drawing up strategies for the city or a district.
After their captivating presentation of their project ‘Namur in 3D’ last December, Ms Marischal (Manager of the Urban Planning Office of the City of Namur), Mr Nottebaert (Head of the Data Office Service of the City of Namur) and Mr Engels (Walphot s.a.) presented the results obtained so far and shared the first lessons learnt from this experiment.

UrbIS news

Various speakers from the BRIC presented the UrbIS news, including in particular the 2018 flight and the status and schedule of deliverables, cadastralisation, the integration of deliverables from the 2017 flight, progress with the updating, the widespread use of the CityGML model, the draft specifications for topography, mobile mapping and indoor mapping, etc.

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