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UrbIS: the 2021 orthophotos are available!

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These new orthophotos* are in great demand, as is all UrbIS data, and can be downloaded from via the link: 

The municipal and 1 km² maps will follow soon.

Each year has its own new features

The 2021 orthophotos are available in two different flight plans (East-West and North-South) in the RGB spectrum and in the near-infrared spectrum, with a resolution of 5 cm/pixel.

Use them without moderation!

Your feedback is welcome here.

UrbIS team

An orthophoto (also known as a orthophotograph) is an aerial image that has been geometrically corrected (ortho rectified) so that the image is uniform from edge to edge.Orthophotos are corrected to remove terrain effects and distortions that result from the camera’s lens and the angle the photo was taken from the plane. They are very valuable as basic information and can be used for measuring plots, etc.

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