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UrbIS services update

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Following the development of the new UrbIS data model, it became essential to update the background map circulated by the BRIC.

This has now been done. New services have been developed and deployed on our geoservers. These services have just been put on line and contain the very latest UrbIS data. From now on, these data will be updated every week.

Background maps


If you use the old background maps hosted at, you do not need to do anything to benefit from this update. For reasons of performance, however, we encourage you, if you have not yet done so, to migrate to tiled services rather than using the dynamic services.

If you still use the services circulated on ArcGIS ( or our old geoservers (, we strongly encourage you to move on and use the tiled services.

Addresses of the new services

Tiled services


French grey levels


Dutch grey levels

Dynamic services


French grey levels,35699.54496310279,284306.6575904888,243441.74191781506&width=768&height=599&srs=EPSG:31370&format=application/openlayers


Dutch grey levels,35699.54496310279,284306.6575904888,243441.74191781506&width=768&height=599&srs=EPSG:31370&format=application/openlayers

WMS and WFS services

New WFS services are also available. They are hosted in the urbisadm workspace. The list of layers available is accessible at this address (cf. Excel file).

We wanted to make life easier for users. So with the new services, all the information about an object can be obtained in a single operation. This has been made possible by denormalising the UrbIS data model (

Sample query:

Old service

New service