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New for UrbISOnline: UrbIS-Adm 3D on line!

Improved accessibility and new functionalities
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UrbIS-Adm 3D

The BRIC is simplifying access to UrbIS-Adm 3D data. Until now, these data have only been available by downloading and could be viewed mainly by architects, surveyors and other professionals.

A new version of UrbIS Online is now available at It incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as Cesium, 3DTIles, Angular and Openlayers. This new application is responsive and can be used on tablets and PCs.*

The advantages?

All these 3D data in 3D Tiles format are now freely accessible and are far easier to use for non-professionals. Around 230,000 buildings in the Brussels Region can now be viewed in 3D on the internet!

The functionalities currently available include in particular an online digital terrain model (DTM) and the possibility of activating the ‘aerial photo’ layer for an even more realistic reproduction. The browser’s GPS function can also be activated to pinpoint the user’s location on a tablet, for instance.

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*Viewing 3D in 3/4G is not recommended owing to the large quantity of data downloaded.