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Tune in for the results of the global hackathon, today at 5 pm !

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The results of the global hackathon will be presented at the virtual meeting Alfresco Tech Talk Live, today at 5 pm. 

Alfresco organised a Global Virtual Hackathon to code during 24 hours on May 16, starting in Australia and ending on the American Pacific coast. The teams were to collaborate virtually and meet on the Alfresco IRC Channel at As we have the necessary infrastructure at the BRIC, we provided a hacker room in Brussels to welcome everyone who wanted to hack with us. The response from the community was great and we had visitors not only from different parts of Belgium, but also from Italy, Luxembourg, France and Denmark. Other places such as Sydney (Australia), Maidenhead (UK), Atlanta (Georgia) and San Mateo (California) also hosted hacker rooms.

In Brussels, we worked mainly on four different projects, developing ideas relating to the dynamic deployment of Alfresco extensions, metadata inference, auditing and reporting tools. We were joined by three Alfresco engineers, two of whom are members of the core developers team for the Activiti software, the workflow engine used and sponsored by Alfresco.
The organisation of the hackathon was coordinated by Boriss Mejias from the Middleware team, ably assisted and supported by the rest of the TOS team and the Communication department. Boriss also coordinates the Alfresco User Group Belgium.