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The new orthophotoplans are available!

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As part of the services offered by the BRIC, UrbIS©® consists of a set of databases of geographical data of the Brussels-Capital Region. UrbIS is available to all and is free to use.

In the UrbIS range, the UrbIS-ortho product records aerial photographs processed to eliminate deformations caused by relief and perspective. These orthophotoplans can be superimposed over UrbIS vector data while retaining all the richness of information of aerial photos and are an ideal basic tool for any Geographical Information System.

The orthophotoplans for 2016 are now available online via the WMS services.

The access details are as follows:
Layer: Urbis:Ortho2016

To watch the demo, click this link.
For more information about the UrbIS solutions, visit the BRIC website

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