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The MIC celebrates its 10th anniversary!

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The MIC has been contributing to the Brussels Region's Smart City goal for 10 years already! The public-private partnership has boosted the Region's digital transformation through hackathons, training, support for young Brussels entrepreneurs and coaching for Brussels organisations, to name just a few of its initiatives.

Discover its greatest achievements, with the BRIC in particular, and its resolutions for the future!

Enhancing through technology

What is the role of To help people, companies and organisations by giving them the tools to remain competitive by understanding and better anticipating technological changes! Now, at the beginning of June, the public-private partnership between Microsoft and the Brussels-Capital Region looks back on ten years of support for Brussels companies and organisations in their digitalisation and use of technology.

Together with its founding members, Microsoft,, BRIC and Digitalcity, has been able to realise its ambition and achieve fantastic results over the last decade: Amplitude + programme, Dev Talk series, introductory sessions on IT topics, hackathons, etc.

Members of the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, Ministers and their teams, start-ups that have gone through the acceleration programme and others all share their memories on a dedicated page: 10th anniversary - Céline Vanderborght, Smart City Manager for the Brussels Region, highlights the driving role the MIC has played for the Brussels ecosystem as a whole. One of her fondest memories is the Smart IoT Hackathon organised in 2018 by the BRIC, Brussels Training and the MIC! Marc Daem underlines the subtle balance found by MIC to bring together start-ups and the Brussels public sector, despite their very different "digital profiles", towards the same common goal of a digitalised Brussels Region, a true Smart City.

Looking to the future

There is no question of it resting on its laurels, as will of course continue to support the digitalisation of SMEs, provide AI training and raise awareness of technology and innovation through new initiatives in the years to come.

Would you like more information or to read the testimonials of former participants in the training programme? Go to 10th anniversary -