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The BRIC, partner of choice for the Kanal – Centre Pompidou regional museum

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In February 2018, the BRIC joined forces with Kanal – Centre Pompidou as part of a long-term partnership with the museum and the Foundation dedicated to its management. In three months, the BRIC achieved a real tour de force, together with the Brussels-Capital Region and IRISnet, to allow the inauguration of the new Brussels cultural institution installed in the former Citroën art deco garage, on 4 May.

The challenge was enormous: in three months, the Citroën garage was to become a museum in its own right.

The BRIC signed up enthusiastically to this project, which has three distinct phases:

  • initialisation, to allow the museum to open on 4 May
  • operation until June 2019
  • transition to the new Kanal – Centre Pompidou cultural meeting point. The recently vacated rough spaces will be completely refurbished for a reopening planned for the end of 2022.

The museum and the Kanal Foundation therefore now benefit from a large number of regional services: E-mail, Backup online, ISP, DNS, Firewall, VPN, Antivirus, LAN, WLAN,, a redundant fibre optic connection, mobile and VOIP telephony, a call centre, CCTV. The Kanal Foundation also benefits from IT services and products offered at cost price through the BRIC E-catalogue.

In terms of security, the BRIC was entrusted with the design and installation of the security system for the new regional museum, including 160 high-definition CCTV cameras installed to ensure the security of the building and the works on display.

Favouring long-term proactive management, the BRIC is actively working with the institution to define its future IT needs, particularly in anticipation of its reopening at the end of 2022.