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The BRIC is equipping special education schools in the Region

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We have started another wonderful project, one that will help many blind and visually impaired young people in Brussels as well as their teachers: by means of an intervention plan scheduled to run until 2020, the BRIC will help 4  type 6 special education schools to install adapted, cutting-edge equipment that meets their specific needs.

The schools

The IRSA (primary and secondary, FR)
The Alexandre Herlin Institute (primary and secondary, FR)
Kasterlinden (primary and secondary, NL)
Koninklijk Instituut Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (primary and secondary, NL)

The above schools will be equipped with a high-performance braille printer, enabling fast printing with a low noise level. Until now, printing good quality braille dots has always involved a lot of noise. Fortunately, this issue has now been resolved thanks to the Braille Box Index V5, the first fully enclosed braille printer with ventilation through mufflers.
Thanks to the BRIC, these schools will also have work stations with a braille ruler, voice synthesiser, screen magnifier and specific software to teach braille.

The intervention plan will be spread over three years as you can see below:

  • 2018: supply of one high-speed braille printer per school
  • 2019: supply of 2 PCs per school
  • 2020: supply of 2 PCs per school

Once again, the BRIC is adding to the comfort of the lives of the people of Brussels!