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The BRIC at the heart of the Alfresco world

Hosting the Global Virtual Hackathon
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Alfresco Hackathon


Members of the Alfresco community of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Luxembourg met at the BRIC on Friday, 16 May, on the occasion of the Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon.

The developers present focused mainly on two projects:
The first was led by Philippe Dubois (Alfresco Engineer) and Laurent Van der Linden (XeniT, leader of the project Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco). The title was: “Make Alfresco subsystems dynamic with Dynamic extensions. Dynamic extensions enables runtime redeployment of Alfresco extensions, let's extend this to subsystems so we can build a modular Alfresco”.

The second project was led by Francesco Corti (creator of Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting). Its subject was: “Improving and Enhancing AAAR”.
Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (AAAR) can be used to extract audit data at a very detailed level and store the information in a Data Mart in order to create reports in familiar formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.) which are then published again in Alfresco ECM.

Until the end of the afternoon, the developers were also able to work together on other projects, coordinated virtually from other hacker rooms located around the world (at the Alfresco headquarters in Maidenhead, in Sydney, in Atlanta and in San Mateo).