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The BeGeo 2021 exhibition is just a few days away! With the BRIC!

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D-13! BeGeo 2021, THE national congress and trade fair dedicated to geographic information, will take place on 26 October in the prestigious setting of Brussels Expo. 
What do you call an informative event on geographic information that brings together partners from the public sector, research, academia, the private sector and industry associations? The return of BeGeo, of course!

With numerous networking opportunities, the presentation of the GeoSpatial Awards and much more, the trade fair is back, physically, from 9am to 5pm on 26 October. There will also be several sessions led by inspirational speakers. This year, our colleagues François du Mortier and Adelin Feltz are taking part! 

François du Mortier, both speaker and chairman of the INSPIRE Coordination Committee, will present a session entitled "INSPIRE, State of Play in Belgium", during which he will explain why Belgian institutional complexity has not prevented our country from ranking high among the 31 countries implementing the INSPIRE Directive; in terms of availability of data through services, Belgium ranks 4th in viewing and 11th in downloading. This is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of the situation in Belgium and the prospects for the future.

Adelin Feltz, GIS Implementation Manager at the BRIC, will present the platform in detail. He will explain why, in the past, the coexistence of separate infrastructures for the provision of spatial data and open data (implemented under the INSPIRE and PSI directives) proved too costly and could not be sustained. A rapprochement was therefore inevitable. Why not make all Brussels data accessible through a single platform? And was born.

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