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Success for the BRIC’s e-catalogue in 2017

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Since 3 July 2015, the CIRB has been acting as a Central Purchasing Body. A Central Purchasing Body is a contracting authority that awards contracts, in its own name and on behalf of third parties.

The aim is to facilitate the acquisition of hardware, software and IT services by its institutional partners.

In 2017, many of you used the Central Purchasing Body: 146 customers placed more than 1,600 orders, nearly 95,000 products purchased from 41 suppliers for an amount exceeding 21 million euros.

This includes, for example, the purchase of 69,187 software packages, 3,573 PCs, 2,525 laptops, 4,752 PC screens but also 152 projectors, 672 printers, 147 switches, etc.

The members of the Central Purchasing Body have access to an online, secure platform the e-catalogue – allowing them to buy various materials:

  • Printers – copiers – scanners – plotters – etc.
  • Apple hardware
  • PCs – laptops – tablets and their accessories
  • Screens – Large screens – projectors – interactive screens – kiosks – videoconference systems – etc.
  • Servers – switches – racks – cables – UPS – etc.
  • licences for Microsoft , Oracle, antivirus, Virtualisation, Redhat and Suse
  • IT services, cabling and topographic services
  • Refurbished hardware

You get the picture: the catalogue is diverse and varied!

The advantages of the Central Purchasing Body are numerous:

  • Saves time: reduction in small market procedures and no need to call for competitive bids
  • Economic gain: more favourable market conditions and economies of scale
  • Increase in the market reference value: increased interest from bidders
  • Extensive IT expertise of the BRIC
  • Ease of practical use to benefit from the Central Purchasing Body.