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The non-profit association Social Documentation and Coordination Centre (CDCS-CMDC) aims to put solutions in place that give citizens greater access to help and care services in the Brussels Region.

The Brussels Social website is the virtual gateway to organisations and services working to provide help and care in the BCR: help for the most disadvantaged, the homeless, young people, victims, senior citizens, families, persons with disabilities, help in the housing, food, physical and mental health sectors, etc.

As a result of the lockdown measures, many health and care services have adapted their offer over the last few weeks. Some by changing their opening hours or the way they can be contacted, others by covering needs that have emerged during this social-health crisis.

An interactive card has been placed online at to make these services more visible and bring them together in one place.
Visitors to this new page can directly see the list of organisations involved, display them on a card, or generate Excel exports with the data on the organisation.

The page is regularly updated with new data. Why not go and have a look?


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