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Record figures for the E-catalogue in 2020!

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The E-catalogue, which allows Brussels public institutions to make group purchases of certain IT services and products, has set a new record.
In 2020, turnover amounted to €40 469 367, an increase of no less than 33% compared to 2019.

In more detail. What stands out?


In 2020, 6 090 headsets were purchased. The high number was unsurprising, as companies switched en masse to remote working. That number happens to represent no less than 70% of all headsets 
(8 700) purchased since 2010.

Laptop versus PC

In 2020, 12 865 computers (laptops and PC’s) were purchased, a third more than in 2019.  The laptop is a clear favourite with a share of more than 70%.

As a Brussels institution, you want to save time and money? Use the E-catalogue!

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