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Open Belgium 2019 : a success!

The 2019 annual Open Data event was a success.
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Open Belgium 2019

The 2019 annual Open Data event was a success. Open Belgium 2019, organised by Open Knowledge Belgium, was the scene of a number of discussions that demonstrated users' growing interest in open data.

Several conferences, discussion panels and workshops took place over the course of the day, bringing together a whole series of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, citizens and young entrepreneurs, students and those with experience. The main focus was on the importance for the public sector of sharing open data and governments' involvement in the distribution and use of open data.

The BRIC was also present, as were Digital Wallonia and Vlaamse Overheid (Flemish Authorities), to present its opendatastore portal and promote our "open data" applications, such as UrbIS and Fix My Street.

Open data consumers were able to meet representatives of the administrations to discuss their needs and develop new ideas.

We should also note the presence of several employees at this event: Christine Verstraete, Vincent Streignard, Alexander Hof (Easybrussels) and Duc Phan, as well as management, represented by Patrick Van Vooren.

We would like to thank the organisers of this event, as well as our colleagues, for their enthusiasm and commitment.


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