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Nova 5 and the new CoBAT

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The Brussels Town Planning Code (Code Bruxellois de l’Aménagement du Territoire or CoBAT) has undergone a significant and ambitious reform designed to simplify urban planning rules and provide a better response to the sector's expectations. This reform, applicable since 1 September 2019, impacted Nova, the IT platform dedicated to the management of planning and land division permits and environmental licences.

Several changes have been applied to Nova in order to be able to respond to the new regulations.

  • Adaptation of existing flows and emergence of new flows: the Nova team focused on updating existing flows and creating new flows so that planning permit applications comply with the new legislation in force.
  • Adaptation of documents/templates by the municipalities: approximately 5,500 documents have had to be (or are in the process of being) adapted, which is approximately 200 to 300 documents per municipality.

Several training courses have been conducted at the BRIC in order to help administrations upload their documents onto the platform (TMS assistance).

None of these changes would have been possible if Nova had not been migrated to a more suitable solution in November 2018. Indeed, the Nova 5 production launch was a fundamental requirement: integration of several platforms into a single platform with a database and file sharing between administrations, use of authentic sources, integrated BI platform, geolocation, integration with BruGIS, online application tracking for citizens, provision of data via open data to support innovation...

Nova 5 will eventually allow the entire process to be digitalised, from the submission of the customer’s application to the issuing of the permit.

Around twenty people within the BRIC (analysts, developers, testers, architects, service managers and project manager) are involved in this project, with the common objective of satisfying our customers.

To date, Nova has generated over 3 million documents, 800 thousand files, is used by a thousand people spread over 19 municipalities and 3 regional administrations (,, Brussels Environment) and covers many professions: planning permit, environmental licence, energy performance of buildings, violations, planning, urban planning information, etc.