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MyPermit: a growing collaboration between Urban and the BRIC

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One year ago, launched its programme for the digital transformation of urban development processes. The first project, MyPermit, involves digitalising urban planning permission. The whole process – from submitting the application to granting planning permission – has been made fully digital. An electronic platform guides the public or private applicant step by step.

An initial version of this online procedure has been available to Regional officials since late November 2020. You can submit your permit application online here.


This project, which was initiated by Urban, involves the BRIC at various levels of its IT governance structure:

  • the Executive and Technical Committees are chaired by Urban and the BRIC respectively to ensure proper management of the project;
  • the Programme Management Team consists of staff from Urban, an ICT unit on secondment from the BRIC to Urban, and guidance from DXC Technology.
  • A range of Task Forces, working groups and workshops bring the right actors together to map out and implement the various functional, technical and change-related requirements for the project.


From the start, the Urban and Urban-BRIC IT team project leaders entered into dialogue with all parties involved in order to map out their needs and expectations. Based on these consultations, they drew up the action plan for the next two years.

Following the experimental phase, in the spring of 2020, the project leaders designed and implemented an initial version of the MyPermit application in the summer.

The initial version of the MyPermit application is now complete, thanks to the constructive collaboration between Urban, the BRIC and its partner DXC Technology, despite the restrictions linked to the corona measures!


There are some challenging projects in the pipeline for 2021 too, such as:

  • The further development of MyPermit – on the one hand, expanding the functionality of the web portal and handling multiple record types digitally, while on the other, supporting the various users in the process of digitally processing records 100% E2E, in particular by tinkering with the processes, adopting change management and offering the necessary tools for these digital challenges;
  • Launching the AUSA Project (City Archives);
  • Managing the inter-dependencies between these projects;

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can direct them to: Team.MyPermit@Urban.Brussels



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