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Migration of the platform

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In 2016, the free regional Wi-Fi network (then Urbizone) had fewer than 100,000 user accounts. We now have nearly 2,000,000 accounts. This is a testament to the appeal of this regional service and is an undeniable success.

However, this success has a downside. The platform that hosts the user accounts was not designed for such a large number of users  and needs to be upgraded.

It will therefore be migrated on 4 November. This migration is crucial in improving the user experience by facilitating registration, amongst other things. We hope that, in time, this will result in an increase of potential users.

Please note that during the migration process of the platform to a more adequate support tool, all user date will be deleted. All existing user accounts will disappear (all existing user names and passwords will expire instantly).

Therefore, current users are invited to create a new account once the migration has been completed, at the earliest on Tuesday 5 November.
The verification procedure has been modified and simplified. Please go to to view it In detail.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this migration will cause. If you have any further questions, please contact IRISline (+32 (0)2 801 00 00 00 -

Kind regards,