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Launch of the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT

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To mark Digital Week, whose theme in 2020 is "Towards Greener IT", Olivier Vergeynst, founder of Green IT Belgium, has announced the creation of the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT, of which the BRIC is already a member.

The Institute's goal is to become a major player bringing together the public, businesses, associations and the public authorities around Green IT and the promotion of more responsible, more inclusive and more ethical digital technology.

In practical terms, through a series of training courses, meetings, publications and research, the Institute's aims can be broken down into five areas: promoting debates, sharing knowledge and creating a strong network; promoting best practice; helping economic, social and institutional stakeholders and the public to understand and take ownership of the principles of responsible digital technology; increasing the innovative and sustainable capacity of the economic fabric, institutions and society as a whole; and representing the responsible digital community and the values defended by the association with institutions and bodies.