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Last UrbIS Users Club of the year 2018: the documents presented

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Users Club UrbIS

The last UrbIS Users Club of the year took place on 4 December at the BRIC.

Once again, we invited several interesting speakers to discuss equally interesting themes:

Thierry Moriau, head of Urban Renewal at the municipality of Uccle, told us how his service uses cartography, including address checking and the use of buildings in the context of the management of the Brussels housing organisation (French: Observatoire Bruxelles Logement, Dutch: Observatorium Brussel Huisvesting).

Fabiab Caluwaerts, Solution Engineer at Proximus, explained how UrbIS data is combined with the Walloon cartographic data of the PCC and the Flemish data from the GRB in order to create a uniform plan of the whole national territory.

Liesbeth Coen, counsellor at the Administration of Patrimonial Services, described the cadastralisation project in Flanders, which aims to streamline cadastral parcels and buildings.

Lies De Meulenaer of Information Vlaanderen took advantage of the occasion to present Flanders Street Registry as elaborated in 2014, i.e. as a mid-scale reference database, and its integration in a broader registry system including address, building, services and organisation registries, as well as its link to the parcel map.

Ruben Cappelle, Technical Leader for the BRIC at Brussels Mobility (French: Bruxelles Mobilité, Dutch: Brussel Mobiliteit) gave us some insight into the brainstorming that is currently taking place in order to improve the structure and the possible use of UrbIS’ Street Axis (AS), allowing it to take on the role of the Street Registry in Flanders for the Brussels-Capital Region.

In conclusion of the session, we provided, as usual, you with an overview of all UrbIS news, including its evolution in 2018, its deliverables’ status, the cadastralisation, the progress of the update, the generalisation of the CityGML model, the new topography public contract, mobile and indoor mapping, the building registry…

UrbIS User Club: the documents presented