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June 2021: phishing attempt

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A phishing attempt is currently circulating.

The watchword in this case as for any similar intrusion attempt: do not click on the image or the link!

Check-list of questions to ask yourself

About the sender:

  • Is this an unknown sender?
  • Are you expecting an email from this person?
  • Is there a (spelling) mistake in the email address?
  • Is there a difference between the name of the business in the email address and the name of the sender's business?

About the subject:

  • Does it contain suspicious information?
  • Does it contain any (spelling) mistakes or incorrect information?

About the message:

  • Does it contain any (spelling) mistakes?
  • Is the name of the business in the email signature different from that of the email address?
  • Is there a suspicious link in the email? e.g.
  • Does the message contain an attachment (please note that this may also be a simple Word document)?

If the answer to several of these questions is YES, do not open the attachment, do not click on the link and do not download the images. Immediately report the email in question to IRISline ( +32 2 801 00 00).

Do you often look at your emails from a smart phone?

If you do, be extra careful, as with this type of medium, it is more difficult to check whether it is a suspicious email. In the event of doubt, read the email on a (desktop or laptop) computer so that you can check.