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IRISbox: Redesigned to make YOUR life easier!

One of the most useful and record-breaking platforms in Brussels!
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The electronic one-stop-shop IRISbox, which offers regional and local services online 24/7, is now providing an optimised interface to improve user experience.

Two distinct entry portals ('citizen' and 'enterprise’) are now making navigation more efficient. Visitors can now see all of the procedures offered through themed pathways and before logging in, which was not previously the case.

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IRISbox is still breaking records

After a fantastic year in 2017, during which we surpassed 100,000 applications, the one-stop-shop closed 2018 beautifully with over 161,000 finalised applications, an increase of 46% from 2017.

IRISbox proved even more popular in 2018 with a total of 165,516 users. 34,860 new users joined the platform in 2018: 31,820 citizens and 3,040 companies.