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IRISbox achieves steady growth in 1st semester of 2019

Brussels e-administration counter keeps growing
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IRISbox, developed and managed by the BRIC, has been steadily growing for years and 2019 is promising to be a very strong year, too!

The proof is in the numbers: at end July 2019 the amount of processed requested are at 2018 level already, which equals 162.000 files. If this trend continues, we will finish 2019 with more than 290.000 processed request – an impressive number!

We can therefore conclude that the digitisation of the government is proving to be successful, providing a suitable answer to the people of Brussels’ demand for accessible online government services. In order to ensure that as many Brussels citizens as possible know about this tool and use it, the government has run several communication campaigns since the very beginning, which, as you can see, have been successful!