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Interop Summit 2018

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Interop Summit 2018

The Interop Summit 2018 took place on 23 February in the Herman Teirlinck building in Brussels (a brand new building on the Tour & Taxis site, adjacent to BEL-Brussels Environment). This event, organised by the federal Digital Transformation Office and the regional administration ‘Informatie Vlaanderen’, focused on interoperability and was attended by about a hundred participants.

As announced in a recent news bulletin, our colleagues, François Dumortier and Dominique Le Grelle, took part in this event as speakers.

Dominique Le Grelle says it was an enriching experience: “Many of the things presented were familiar, but to find out about the approach adopted by the other service integrators also helps us to trace out the path that we could take. The projects presented by the EU are sure to be useful to us when dealing with requests from clients for cross-border exchanges.”

Meanwhile François Du Mortier was “extremely interested in the presentation given by BOSA DT which examined the conformity between the architecture chosen at federal level and the ‘European Interoperability Reference Architecture’. The ‘Open Standards for Linked Organisations’ initiative (OSLO) is also worthy of particular attention. It aims to define standardised exchange formats for certain data (addresses, buildings, parcels, organisation, etc.). There’s no point reinventing the wheel if an exchange format has already been conceived and defined in this context.”

It is also worth noting that the Belgian electronic identity card will shortly be recognised and useable among other things to carry out administrative procedures outside the borders of Belgium. This is made possible thanks to the eIDAS initiative.