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HackTechCare - results of the Hackathon

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Bianca Debaets - HackTechCare

The BrusselsTechCare Hackathon took place at The Egg, Brussels, last weekend.

This Hackathon attracted 65 participants during the weekend. They were divided into nine teams with six challenges to take up:

  1. Activate alternative channels of communication in emergencies
  2. Facilitate the processing of multilingual communication in emergencies
  3. Collect, check and process emergency messages on social networks / the web
  4. Analyse the work done to transform districts of Brussels in order to promote the inclusion   of citizens
  5. Improve the targeting of prevention campaigns so that they resonate further
  6. Prevent calls for excesses at crow gatherings.

In the end, on Sunday evening the multi-disciplinary jury awarded prizes to three teams:

  • The Impact Prize was awarded to the React team, which suggests a platform to circulate messages using alternative channels in emergencies and crisis situations.
  • The Tech Prize was awarded to the AlphaCast team, which suggests using Bluetooth technology to circulate geographically targeted messages during crises or when the network is saturated.
  • The Jury Prize was awarded to the Heroes Around team, which suggests a digital solution to mobilise professional volunteers in the vicinity of an emergency or crisis situation.

These three teams will benefit from support with the practical implementation of their project thanks to access to specialists in the field and assistance from an incubator in the Brussels technological community so as to finally have the opportunity to raise funds once their project is sufficiently developed.

The other projects included the following:

  • MisMatch: arranging meetings between people from different sociological backgrounds who would not otherwise come across one another
  • Speed React: using drones to provide fast relief
  • News View: contextualising information to fight against fake news
  • Get Check: circulating action protocols in crisis situations
  • Help around me: user capture system for alarm systems
  • #Hashtag in a bottle: identifying resources at the service of prevention and crisis management via hashtags.

The jury would truly like to see these projects develop and take practical form in the future.

We wish the prize winners all the best.