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Fix My Street: a record number of users report a record number of incidents

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The online and mobile platform Fix My Street, developed by the BRIC for Brussels Mobility to report incidents in public spaces, remains very popular with the residents of Brussels! Since its launch in 2013, more than 244,000 incidents have been reported, with a record 6,600 more in September. By the end of this year, the platform is highly likely to reach over 70,000 more, a 14% increase on last year.

The main theme of all these reports remains ‘public cleanliness’, in which ‘illegal dumping’ is clearly the main concern. The result is an increase of more than 12% compared to 2019 and, at the time, users already passed this on massively anyway. Brussels Cleanliness has already handled over 18,700 incidents in 2020, and therefore has a clear lead among the authorities processing reports.

But the last category added in February 2019, ‘abandoned bicycles’, is also seeing high figures: 1,000 reports are expected by the end of this year, compared to 650 in 2019.

These strong figures will undoubtedly be further supported by the launch of new categories at the end of the year. Fix My Street will then offer everyone the opportunity to report incidents involving other abandoned vehicles (scooters and shared scooters, motorcycles, cars), and incidents involving oil and/or clothing collection points, and relating to electrical charging stations. With that addition by the end of the year, Fix My Street will grow from 90 to 133 categories and subcategories.

Most of these reports (61%) are received from ordinary citizens, with the rest from professional users such as municipal employees, community guards and Brussels Mobility. And all of them use the mobile app en masse: around 70% of all reports are received this way.

Many thanks to the teams who made this Fix My Street a success! Brussels Mobility, all the professional partners, municipalities, residents and users in the Region benefit from a more pleasant, beautiful and liveable region thanks to this BRIC solution.

Fix My Street is available for free through the Apple Store and Google Play. The online version can be found via this link.


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